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TO GO TO A SPECIFIC AGE GROUP, CLICK ON THE    >    NEXT TO "TREASURE STATE LEAGUE" IN THE LEFT PANEL. Then go to a to specific TEAM, click on the    >   next to the specific age group.

Live Scoring Instructional Video

Click here to watch a step by step demonstration on how to live score a game.  


***10U divisions -- ONLY Quick Score (QS) games! Do not click on the time, click on QS.**

Officiating Task Force Looks to help curb abuse....

The task force is hoping the portal will increase the number of reported incidents of abuse without creating confrontations at games.

Team Managers are REQUIRED to use this link to report any spectator ejections (even if they are allowed back in the facility) at ANY game (home/away), and/or USAH sanctioned tournaments. 

If there is an ejection of a spectator there (should) be 2 reports received. One from the team manager of the location the incident happened and the team manager of the team the spectator is associated with.

The above link is designed to give those who witness any alleged zero-tolerance violations by  spectators toward officials, players or other spectators during a youth hockey game. This is an anonymous form.  IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING.

2023- 2024 Season Age Classifications

USA Hockey Playing Season: September 1, 2023 through August 31, 2024.

(High School players are required to be in school BOTH semesters)

*Birth year 2006 and older- players are required to take the initial Safe Sport Training.


Youth Teams

2005* 18 Years High School
2006* 17-18 Years High School
2007 16-17 Years High School
2008 15-16 Years HS/16U
2009 14-15 Years 14U
2010 13-14 Years 14U
2011 12-13 Years 12U
2012 11-12 Years 12U
2013 10-11 Years 10U
2014 9-10 Years 10U
2015-2017 8 under 8U/6U

Benefits of half-ice for 10U hockey

Opportunity for development increases as the size of the rink decreases

Benefits of Half-Ice Hockey

There can be concerns from parents about how small-area games may impact their child’s hockey development, but parents should trust USA Hockey and its research. Putting young players into a competitive environment too early will compromise their development; they need to be placed into competitive situations that suit their age-specific abilities. This is why USA Hockey’s American Development Model is so important.

It is important to understand the benefits of half-ice hockey for 10U hockey is played in smaller, modified spaces.