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Jason Manning

Referee in Chief

HOCKEY - is all in the family!!!

The above link is designed to give those who witness any alleged zero-tolerance violations by parents or spectators toward officials or players during a youth hockey game.

Officiating Task Force Looks to help curb abuse....

The task force is hoping the portal will increase the number of reported incidents of abuse without creating confrontations at games.

Registration Status

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Officiating Program Information

Welcome to the USA Hockey Officiating Program's Question and Answer page. This section of the Officiating Program website is here to provide information regarding all areas officiating. Our goal with this section is to provide the best resource of information to register, educate, and develop our 26,000 registered officials throughout each season.

Officiating Retention

It is becoming harder and harder to recruit and retain officials for all sports. USA Hockey is taking the steps to be a leader in the change of culture when it comes to abuse of official. USA Hockey established a task force to investigate abuse of official across the country and they presented their findings at the 2020 USA Hockey Winter Meetings. The results were staggering.! Please see the task forces presentation below.

MAHA let's be leaders and be in fore front of changing the culture when it comes to abuse of official!

Congratulations to Jenna Janshen on her achievement of becoming an IIHF Official!

Montana Official and IIHF Official Jenna Janshen

MAHA would like to congratulate Jenna Janshen from Miles City on her achievement of becoming certified as a IIHF Official! This is a tremendous accomplishment as she the first official from Montana to ever earn this prestigious designation! Jenna is a shining example for all Montana officials, thank you for what you do for hockey in Montana and now across the globe!

Jenna Janshen's Officiating Bio:

I began officiating in the year 2000, at the age of 13, after my dad (who was also an official) suggested I give it a try. I loved it so much that, after two seasons of playing and officiating, I opted to end my playing career at age 15 and focus solely on officiating. I worked seven seasons before taking a 4-year hiatus to focus on my collegiate studies (this remains one of my most prominent life regrets).

During year 3 of my college hiatus, my dad, while officiating the local Friday night high school game on a cold January night, passed away on the ice of a massive heart attack. This would be, as it turns out, both the most devastating and inspiring moment I have experienced to-date. After graduating college and moving back home to Miles City, I had a choice to make: do I hang 'em up and let officiating be a fond memory I shared with my dad, or do I lace 'em back up and honor my father's legacy by continuing on, doing what we loved to do together, now on my own? Hang 'em up, or lace 'em up? It didn't take me long to decide that I didn't see any other option than to get right back out there and skate every single game in his memory.

Thus, in 2011, I laced 'em up for the first time in what felt like forever, with no game plan but to 'see how it goes'.  Things went just fine for my first couple of seasons back, but I began to feel stuck within the confines of my local association, and I had an itch to find out what other opportunities might be available to me. It was then, in a moment of some sort of divine intervention, I received an email inviting me to attend a women's officiating development camp in Colorado Springs. I jumped at the chance, and attend the inaugural Women's Multi-District High-Performance Officiating Development Camp in 2015. It was there that I had the honor of meeting some of USA Hockey's best and brightest national staff members on the women's side of the game, and it was there that I expressed my interest to them in exploring other opportunities for growth and development. Then, a few months later while I was working a District Playoff weekend under the supervision of our Northern Plains Referee-in-Chief, Pat Picicci, he asked me 'would you ever be interested in working a national tournament?' ...I couldn't have responded 'YES!!' more quickly or emphatically. And what a whirlwind ride it has been since that day!

Since that initial development camp and national tournament experience, I have been fortunate enough to attend and/or skate the following events:
- Women's Multi-District High-Performance Officiating Development Camp (3 time attendee)
- Women's Futures Camp (2016)
- Rocky Mountain District Advanced Officiating Camp (2017)
- Women's Elite Experience Camp (2018)
- USA Hockey Instructor's Training Camp (2018)
- Women's/Girls National Tournaments (2016-2019)
- Women's ACHA National Tournament (2019)
- Advanced Officiating Symposium (2019)

I have also been fortunate enough to be selected to instruct at the following/upcoming events:
- District Officiating Seminar (2019)
- Women's Multi-District High-Performance Officiating Development Camp (upcoming 2019)

I currently spend the majority of my season working in the North American Tier III Junior Hockey League, which has been a fantastic and challenging learning experience. I am beyond grateful and so extremely fortunate to have had some incredible mentors, supervisors, schedulers, and colleagues who have helped me continue to grow and advance, and I am so excited at the possibility to begin giving back to the game and helping other officials to do the same. The game of ice hockey has given me so much more than I will ever be able to give back to it, but I intend to spend as much time possible trying to even the score.  I don't know what the future will hold for my officiating career, but I remain hopeful to have the ability to continue emphatically saying 'YES!!' to any/all opportunities that may come my way, and I feel so grateful to have had all of the opportunities I've already had. I'm looking forward to a lifetime full of ice hockey adventures in whatever form they may come!

MAHA Officiating Abuse - Zero Tolerance Policy

The MAHA Board has passed the MAHA Officiating Abuse - Zero Tolerance Policy. This policy will be in effect immediately. Please make sure that all within your local associations and USA Hockey registered adult groups are aware of this policy.

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